"Jim was the kind of father-in-law that l think every women would want to have. I have been married to Jim's oldest son, Jason, for 22 years. Jim accepted you the way you were. Don't get me wrong. He may not have agreed with you but he went along just to make us all happy. He enjoyed his grand children. Spending time with them. Teaching them things. If my daughter had homework and a project l would tell her "Call grandpa. l bet you will get some good info." She would and that made them both happy. I remember when Jason and l were getting married, Jim asked, "what is all the fuss?". l said "it's just because that's what l want". He said "okay!" even to my request that he wear a suit. Holidays and special occasions were my specialties because l went all out. Jim would say, "Okay - if that's what you want." I will miss Jim. He became my father figure when my own father passed away. l will never forget Jim. He will be forever in our hearts."

-- Rosemary Berk